Read for integration recommendations for payout use case

Payout transactions are created specifically for you to disburse funds around the world.

Integration Recommendations

This section will guide you through the API endpoints for payout transactions. You can create your own flow based on your particular use case.

1. Client Registration

While we set up your custom configurations based on your requirements, we will also create a unique user_id for you. This user_id allows us to identify transactions for your users and will have to be used while creating all payout transactions.

2. Collect all information required for a transaction

Based on your specification sheet, you will need to collect information on the sender (from), receiver (to) and additional information based on transaction requirements. Additional information for each transaction may include invoices for business payments and the purpose of the transaction. This information needs to be submitted together during transaction creation.

3. Payout information

We support different payout methods based on country and sender and receiver type. Detailed information on our network can be provided by our sales team.

For Bank Deposit transactions, the available banks in our network and their details can be obtained using the Banks API. You need to provide bank details such as to.bank_id corresponding to the receiver's bank while creating a transaction. Please note that banks support specific txn_supported_types and in order for a transaction to be successfully deposited, the txn_supported_types must be in line with the sender and receiver type (Individual or Business).

For Wallet transactions, all the available wallets in our network can be retrieved from the Payers API. The specific payer_id corresponding to the receiver's wallet must be provided as to.payer_id during transaction creation. The receiver's wallets must be active for funds to be successfully deposited.

For Cash Pickup, the user will have to select a payer location. The available payer details can be obtained using the Payers API. The associated payer_id for the selected location will have to be used during transaction creation.

4. Submit transaction

You are now ready to create the transaction. You must specifytxn_type as PAYOUT and use the provided Client specific user_id for all transactions. Once the transaction is created, the transaction is forwarded for payout through Machnet's payout network. The transaction status of PAYOUT transaction type will be NONE and the delivery status of the transaction will provide information on the payout status. Changes to the delivery status will be notified through webhooks.

Please note that all transaction created for payout will be deducted from your balance with Machnet and hence, the funding account for transactions do not need to be provided per transaction.

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