Bill Payment
This guide will help you navigate through our API endpoints by relating them directly to a standard user flow for bill payments. These are recommendations based on our experiences and the actual flow may be customized based on your requirements. It also only presents a general bill pay transaction flow and does not include potential complementary features.

1. User Registration

The first step in creating the user flow is to register the user in our system. Users can only be registered from the country and states which have been enabled for you as per your agreement with Machnet.

2. User KYC

You will have to provide information so that necessary KYC checks can be conducted on the sender. In order to run KYC on the sender, you will have to:
  1. 1.
    Know what KYC information is required for the sender

3. Add Bill payer

The user will have to select from the list of billers available for the destination country they have selected. Based on the requirements of the biller, the necessary information should be collected from the user. Please note that some billers may allow exact, partial, past due, and excess payments.
The details of the billers available in a specific country and requirements for billers can be found in the respective linked sections.
A general bill payment flow can be found below.

4. Add Funding Account

Once the required bill payment information has been collected, the user will then have to link a funding source for the transaction. We support bank account and debit cards. These are added using a widget to ensure security.
The sender can add a funding account and proceed to create a transaction as long as their KYC status is not UNVERIFIED.

5. Submit transaction

Once you have collected all the information from the user, you are now ready to create the transaction. Please note that senders can only create transactions within the limits set in the CIP documents.
Even though a transaction has been created, a transaction will not be forwarded for payment to the biller unless you send a delivery request. You can choose to send a delivery request once the funds have been debited from the sender (transaction status: PROCESSED) to contain risks or beforehand to ensure faster payments.
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